Anja Arnhold (PhD, Goethe-University, Frankfurt) Assistant Professor
Prosody, phonology, phonetics, information structure, typology, Finnish, Inuit
Office: ASH 4-24 , (780) 492-6912
E-mail: arnhold@ualberta.ca
Antti Arppe (PhD, University of Helsinki) Assistant Professor
Antti Arppe
Lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, statistical methods, exploiting multiple methods and sources of evidence.
Office: ASH 4-44, (780) 492-1935
E-mail: arppe@ualberta.ca
Harald Baayen (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) Professor
Harald Quantitative linguistics, lexical statistics, exploratory data analysis, stylometry, mixed-effects modeling, morphology and morphological processing.
(based at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen)
E-mail: harald.baayen@gmail.com
David Beck (PhD, University of Toronto) Professor & Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
David Field linguistics, morphosyntax, typology, cognitive linguistics, areal diffusion, Native American languages, particularly Salishan and Totonacan.
Office: ASH 4-63, (780) 492-0807
E-mail: dbeck@ualberta.ca
Graduate advising: LingGrad@ualberta.ca
Marina Blekher (PhD, University of Alberta) Faculty Lecturer
Marina Bilingualism, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics.
Office: ASH 4-43, (780) 492-4970
E-mail: mblekher@ualberta.ca
Herbert L. Colston (PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz) Professor and Chair
Pragmatics, psycholinguistics, figurative language, language development, psychology of language.
Office: ASH 4-36A, (780) 492-5500
E-mail: colston@ualberta.ca
 Evangelia Daskalaki (PhD, University of Cambridge) Assistant Professor
  Syntax, morphology, language typology, heritage languages, Greek, Salish
Office: ASH 4-61
E-mail: daskalak@ualberta.ca

Juhani Järvikivi (PhD, University of Joensuu) Professor
Psycholinguistics, situated language comprehension, child language processing, discourse relations, spoken language, morphological processing.
Office: ASH 4-55
E-mail: jarvikiv@ualberta.ca
Jordan Lachler (PhD, University of New Mexico) Assistant Professor & CILLDI Director 
Language documentation, language revitalization.

Office: ASH 4-46, (780) 248-1179
Email: lachler@ualberta.ca

Terry Nadasdi (PhD, University of Toronto) Professor 
Terry Sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, Canadian French.
Office: ASH 4-26
E-mail: terry.nadasdi@ualberta.ca

Johanne Paradis (PhD, McGill University) Professor
Johanne First, second, and bilingual language acquisition; specific language impairment in children.
Office: ASH 4-57, (780) 492-0805
E-mail: johanne.paradis@ualberta.ca
Sally A. Rice (PhD, UC San Diego) Professor
Sally Syntax/semantics, lexical semantics, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, field linguistics, Athapaskan languages.
Office: ASH 4-60, (780) 492-0809
E-mail: sally.rice@ualberta.ca
Anne-Michelle Tessier (PhD, U of Massachusetts, Amherst) Associate Professor
Phonology, phonological acquisition, learnability theory, and morpho-phonology.
E-mail: amtessier@ualberta.ca
Benjamin V. Tucker (PhD, University of Arizona) Associate Professor & Undergraduate Advisor
Benjamin Tucker
Phonetics, psycholinguistics, laboratory phonology, field linguistics, language documentation and revitalization.
Office: ASH 4-15, (780) 492-5952
E-mail: bvtucker@ualberta.ca
Undergraduate Advising: lingundergrad@ualberta.ca