Graduate Admissions

The Department of Linguistics is looking for students who share our interests in empirically-driven approaches to language and who have the background training, talent, and eagerness to participate actively in the research life of our department.

The admissions process has two stages:

  1. the first stage is the submission of a Preliminary Information Form; this will be evaluated to determine if the applicant is eligible and is a good fit for our department in terms of research area and supervisability;
  2. applicants who are judged to be potentially admissible will be invited to submit a Formal Application.

General information about admission to the University of Alberta can be found at Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.


The Department's general admission requirements are outlined in §205.38.1 of the University Calendar. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research sets common standards for GPA and English language competency across all graduate programmes. As part of the application, we ordinarily requires evidence of separate undergraduate-level courses in at least 5 of the following 6 areas:

  • general linguistics

  • phonetics

  • phonology

  • morphology

  • syntax

  • semantics

The Department does not normally consider courses in TESOL or courses taken as part of an English-language degree from an international institution as meeting these requirements. 


The deadline for receipt of Preliminary Information Forms is November 15. Completed Formal Applications and all supporting documentation must be received by January 15 of the coming year. Applications arriving after this deadline may be accepted but may not receive full consideration for Departmental Funding.