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The Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta is a major centre, both nationally and internationally, for graduate education and research in the empirical study of human language.

Our faculty and graduate students are actively involved in a wide range of data-driven linguistic research with a strong focus on the empirical study of language through observation, fieldwork, and experimentation. We are also home to several major research grants in the areas of language acquisition, psycholinguistics, phonetics, phonology, field linguistics, corpus linguistics, and language revitalization.

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  1. Real-life CSI: finding a voice in a haystack

    October 21 2015

    Department of Linguistics Alumni, Dr. Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, develops a better way of matching voice recordings.

  2. Determinants of Accentedness

    June 05 2015

    Dr. Vincent Porretta, recent PhD graduate, sheds further light on the factors that determine the accentedness of L2 speech.

  3. Antti Arppe featured on Work of Arts blog

    May 14 2015

    Linguistics Assistant Professor Antti Arppe's research, funded by a KIAS cluster grant, is featured on WOA.

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